Chunky for Minecraft 1.14+

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Chunky for Minecraft 1.14+

Chunky is a Minecraft rendering tool that uses path tracing to create beautiful images of your buildings.


Get the latest version of the Chunky launcher from here and start it. Press Check for update to get the latest version of Chunky.

If you want to get the latest snapshots, make sure to tick the Download snapshots checkbox before checking for updates. Snapshots are built every night from the master branch.

For more detailed instructions, please take a look at the Chunky Manual.

What’s up with leMaik’s Chunky?

Originally created to add some 1.14 blocks, my fork quickly blew up to fully support Minecraft 1.14 and 1.15 while also fixing long-standing bugs.
Meanwhile, the fork was merged into the original Chunky and I continue development over there (via pull requests from the fork).

In the meantime, we also gained access to the original Chunky homepage so we were able to update the information there. However, we decided to keep that one for archiving purposes and start a new homepage, the Chunky Manual, which combines jackjt8’s great Guide to Chunky, all existing documentation from llbit and also adds a lot of new content.